A collection of course materials from my teaching

RNA-Seq for Differential Gene/Transcript Expression
CTR Placental Biology Course, 3rd – 8th July 2016, Centre for Trophoblast Research, University of Cambridge CTR Placental Biology Course

Presentation (PDF) PlacentalBiologyCoursePresentation.pdf
Presentation (PPTX) PlacentalBiologyCoursePresentation.pptx
R Code PlacentalBiologyCourse_Sleuth.R
Link to publication Stumpo et al (2016) Development
Sample Descriptions sample.descriptions_PlacentaVsYolkSac.txt

Methylation Analysis using Bisulfite Sequencing
Summer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis (NGSchool2016), 14th – 21st August 2016, Dolný Smokovec, Slovakia NGSchool

Presentation (PDF) Hamilton_Methylation_Presentation.pdf
Presentation (PPTX) Hamilton_Methylation_Presentation.pptx
Simulated Data, Bash scripts and R-scripts SimulatedData.tar.gz
Reference Genome (Bismark prepared) NGSchool_GRCh38_Chr1_region.tar.gz

What is Bioinformatics (to be released Sept 2016)
Sixth Form Secondary School

  • PPT
  • PDF
  • R-Script
  • Link to Data